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[   ]CsFire browser-enforced mitigation against CSRF by Lieven Desmet.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Cyber [Crime War] - connecting the dots - Paper by Ian Amit.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Cyber [Crime War] - connecting the dots - Presentation by Ian Amit.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Embedded System Hacking and My Plot To Take Over The World by Paul Asadoorian.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]GSM security fact and fiction by Fabian van den Broek.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Head Hacking The Magic of Suggestion and Perception by Dale Pearson.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]How I Met Your Girlfriend The discovery and execution of entirely new classes of Web attacks in order to meet your girlfriend by Samy Kamkar.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Memoirs of a Data Security Street Fighter by Mikko Hypponen.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Project Skylab 1.0 Helping You Get Your Cloud On by Craig Balding.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]The Monkey Steals the Berries The State of Mobile Security by Tyler Shields.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]The WOMBAT Project Recent Developments in Internet Threats Analysis by Olivier Thonnard & Andreas Moser.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned... by Joseph McCray.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
[   ]Your Project From Idea To Reality Make A Living Doing What You Love by Mitch Altman.pdf2011-12-22 15:20 3.3K 
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