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[   ]A close look at rogue antivirus programs by Alain Zidouemba.pdf2011-12-21 15:15 4.9M 
[   ]Agnitio - the security code review Swiss army knife by David Rook.pdf2011-12-21 15:18 5.9M 
[   ]Be a smart CISO learn about people by Bruno Kerouanton.pdf2011-12-21 15:19 4.3M 
[   ]Escaping Windows Sandboxes by Tom Keetch.pdf2011-12-21 15:11 1.3M 
[   ]Locking the Throne Room - ECMA Script 5, a frozen DOM and the eradication of XSS by Mario Heiderich.pdf2011-12-21 15:19 300K 
[   ]Offensive XSLT by Nicolas Gregoire.pdf2011-12-21 15:19 12M 
[   ]Pentesting iPhone & iPad Applications by Flora Bottaccio & Sebastien Andrivet.pdf2011-12-21 15:17 1.8M 
[   ]Proactive Network Security through Vulnerability Management by Gary Miliefsky.pdf2011-12-21 15:15 3.9M 
[   ]Project Quebec and win32 exploit development with pvefindaddr by Peter van Eeckhoutte.pdf2011-12-21 15:19 5.6M 
[   ]Skirack - ROP for masses by Jean-Baptiste Aviat.pdf2011-12-21 15:16 342K 
[   ]The forbidden image - Security impact of SVG on the WWW by Mario Heiderich.pdf2011-12-21 15:16 454K 
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